I’ve got the first 10 pages of each available here online. If you’d like to read more, just send an email my way.

  • Contract – Supernatural Action Thriller
    • Vida, a hitman from Hell, has one chance at redemption. All he has to do is murder the only woman he’s ever loved.
  • Hush – Horror
    • After Christine’s lover, Jenn, is murdered before her eyes, Christine runs away to her hometown to hide. When those responsible track Christine down in her hometown, Christine must face her fears and her lover’s murderers.
  • Kilbourne Parish – Horror
    • When the demented spirit of a murdered minister returns to the small town of Kilbourne Parish to exact his vengeance, Tommy and his friends find themselves in a struggle for survival against an unstoppable demon.
  • No Boundary – Action
    • On the night of his early retirement from the Special Force Police, Xiang Nan must choose between a life of peace and simplicity and returning to service stop a madman half a world away from murdering millions.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man – Super Hero
    • When Doc Connors’ regeneration experiment goes awry, Spidey finds himself pitted against Kraven the Hunter in a race to find and stop The Lizard, one way or another.
    • This is a spec script I wrote for the Sam Raimi Spider-Man film series. The story picks up where Spider-Man 3 left off, following the Peter Parker / Mary Jane Watson / Gwen Stacy love triangle, and finally giving the audience the Lizard that Raimi had been teasing for two films.
    • The script also features Kraven the Hunter as the star of a reality show where he hunts down wild animals all over the world. The fact that Kraven’s lead cameraman is named Irwin is no coincidence.


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