Written and Illustrated by Jerod Brennen, Nik Poliwko, Derek Stewart, Roger Plymale

In “The Guardian”, the daughter of a minister must care for her mother, although the affliction her mother suffers from isn’t one that can be healed by traditional means. In “Corporate Soul”, a cubicle slave gets a good look at what lies in store for him at his corporate job. In “Reservation”, a young couple visits a Native American reservation and learns that the sins of the past have not been forgiven.

Fragments are horrific stories of broken things: broken families, broken promises, broken spirits. The stories contained in these pages, however, are not bound by ink and paper. If you’d like to see short films based on Fragments stories, visit http://bit.ly/fragmentsfilms.

Fragments #1 TM and © Jerod Brennen. All rights reserved.

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